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Articles and information regarding the beliefs and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Also known as Mormonism).
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1 Glenn Beck: Double Minded, Confused or really deceived. Ed Decker 645
2 An email from a Mormon and Ed's Response Ed Decker 2282
3 The Apostate Mormon Church Ed Decker 1820
4 Glenn Beck: Brain Dead or Arch Deceiver Administrator 3941
5 The LDS Egyptian Scam: Talk about foolish hearts being darkened! Ed Decker 1811
6 Restoration of All Things Demonic? Ed Decker 2410
7 A Former Mormon Bishop Speaks Out About the Mormon Church and the Blacks. Lee Baker 2762
8 Facebook Deleted this offensive article Ed Decker 2959
9 Witnessing to Mormons Ed Decker 3208
10 The Great Mormon Paradigm Shift Ed Decker -
11 Making Mormon Spirit Babies Ed Decker -
12 The People Who Weren't There Ed Decker 3207
13 Why William and Jane Law Left the LDS Church Grant Palmer 3319
14 The Mormon Masonic Connection Peter Farley 191
15 Cosmic Progression or In-Breeding and Celestial Incest? Ed Decker 3538
16 The Tri-Unity of God Administrator -
17 Lucifer and the Mormon Temple Rituals Ed Decker 7681
18 Why William and Jane Law Left the LDS Church in 1844 Grant H. Palmer 3944
19 Twice Cursed Ed Decker 4466
20 Does Mitt Romney Really Believe he will become an actual god? Ed Decker 6506
21 Is the Book of Mormon Another testament of Christ? Ed Decker 4391
22 THE MORMON GOD: A SUPER STAR STUD Administrator 3510
23 Ed' 5 Minutes' witness to a Mormon Ed Decker 5217
24 Why I, as a former Mormon, would not vote for Mitt Romney Rauni Higley 9147
25 Should A Mormon be President of the USA? Dr. Norman L. Geisler 6576
26 Mitt Romney Christian or Cultist? Ed Decker 6523
27 The Transfiguration of Brigham Young Mark Hewitt 3815
28 Glenn Beck and Jewish Mormonism Ed Decker 7320
29 Ask The Mormons these Questions Ira Ransom 8708
30 The Ministry of Ed Decker Administrator 8005
31 "I Will Be a Second Mohammed" Paul T. Trask 5847
32 Romancing The Gods Ed Decker -
33 The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney Ed Decker 61689
34 DeathWaltz Administrator 3651
35 Glenn Beck's Latest SCAM Bill Keller 7276
36 In Defense of the God Makers and Ed Decker Ed decker 4367
38 The Emergent Mormon Church Ed Decker 7501
39 THE GREAT BYU INVITATIONAL BATTLE Ed Decker/ Charlie Carles 3899
40 Glenn Beck. Are you a Christian? Claude O'Donovan 4849
41 Correspondence with a Returned Missionary Ed Decker 4152
42 Nine Reasons to Reject the "First Vision" Vern Cavin 4434
43 The Book of Mormon: Its Demonic Inspiration J. Trimm 7731
44 The Mormon Art of Child Stealing Ed Decker -
45 Does the LDS Church have a Different Jesus? Admin 8346
46 The Great Pre-Earth Council of Mormon Gods Administrator 4841
47 A Biblical look at the “end of the law and the prophets” Ed Decker 3892
48 Was Joseph Smith A True Prophet? 4 Biblical tests of a true prophet Ed Decker 8203
49 What Do They Have To Hide? Ed Decker 4264
50 Smithsonian Letter re: Book of Mormon Administrator 3329
51 Mormon Jesus: Brutal Killer or Gentle Savior? Ed Decker 3769
52 The Trinity : Mormon vs The Bible View Administrator 7510
53 Secret Combinations: Mormons and Masons Ed Decker 4319
54 The Book of Mormon: A Critical Essay 1832 Administrator 3825
55 We Thank Thee, O God For a Warlock Administrator 4778
56 Those Plain and Precious Things Administrator -
57 Questions to Ask Your Bishop! Ira Ransom 6272
58 Sustaining The General Authorities Of The Church Administrator 3527
59 The Mormon Baptism of Mary, Mother of God Helen Radkey 4942
60 DNA and the Book of Mormon: False Scripture? Ed Decker 8105
61 Usurping the Priesthood of Christ Ed Decker 3446
62 Dear Bishop: I Quit! Administrator 3879
63 LDS Official "Plan of Salvation" Milton R. Hunter 5192
64 The Temple of The God Makers Ed Decker -
65 MANTI PAGEANT from the web 4223
66 Satanism in Mormon Church: Elder Pace Report Administrator 4411
67 The Aaronic Priesthood and Mormonism? Ed DEcker 4361
68 The Mormon Masonic Connection \ Peter Farley 7503
69 The Doctrine & Covenants: Ever-Changing Irene Brocka 4284
70 LDS: One Word Change and Racism Administrator -
71 Mormonism, The False Religion of the Deception and Control Tricia Erickson 8037
72 Elder. Where is your Planet? Claude O'Donovan 3872
73 The Reorganized Church Almost Mormon Almost Christian Ed Decker 5405
74 Sinister Sites – Temple Square, Utah Vigilant 7332
75 The Aaron DeWitt Papers A.J. Simmonds 4469
76 Doctrines of Demons Ed' Lecture notes Ed Decker 4417
78 Harry Reid and His Negro Problem Ed Decker 4377
79 White and Delightsome Indians from the web 4915
80 The Mormon Questions File Ed Decker 5512
81 About The LDS Views of Blacks Ed Decker 2
82 An Accidental Missionary Encounter Ed Decker 3885
83 Why Mormonism can never be part of true Christianity. Ed Decker 9188
84 A 19TH Century Contemporary Look At The Book Of Mormon Alexander Campbell 3994
85 Ed Decker Returning to LDS Church?? BOB MIMS THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE 5001
86 LDS: One Word Change and Racism Michael Mitchell 4354
87 About The LDS Views of Blacks Ed Decker 5972
88 The Mormon Da Vinci Link: Was the Mormon Jesus Married? Ed Decker 3988
89 Prophets Who Do Not Prophesy Ed Decker 3341
90 Those Plain and Precious Things Ed Decker 5271
91 The Truth About The Truth About The Godmakers Ed Decker 6164
92 The Temple of Grace Jason Decker 6566
93 Brigham Young's Last Moments: Arsenic or old age? S.W. Taylor 8074
94 Where Have all the Mormons Gone? Ed Decker 12499
95 Was The Virgin Mary Really a Virgin? Ed Decker 6858
96 Underwear Versus Armor / Faith Vs Religion Jason Decker 6027
97 The Seventeen Straw Men Bill Schnoebelen 6443
98 The RLDS Church: Almost Mormon - Almost Christian Ed Decker 6218
99 The Mormon War Ed Decker 6488
100 Mormons change the temple ritual Ed Decker 11136
101 The Testimony of the Three Witnesses Ed Decker 7798
102 Significant Changes in the Book of Mormon Ed Decker 24469
103 The Bishop Glenn L. Pace Report on Ritual Child abuse in Mormonism Glenn L. Pace 4071
104 Satanic Rituals Within Mormonism Ed Decker 26968
105 Questions for your Temple Tour Ed Decker 11317
106 OxyMormons Ed Decker 4637
107 My Journey Out of Mormonism Janet Mertz-Hall 6178
108 My Journey Out of Mormonism Janet Mertz-Hall 2460
109 Newsweek’s “Puff-Piece” Interview with Mormon President Ed Decker 5387
110 The Sure Sign of The Nail: Lucifer and the LDS Temple Ed Decker 25698
111 Some UNanswered Questions of the Mormon Gospel Ed Decker 5464
112 Book of Mormon Problems by Dr. Dean Helland Dr. Dean Helland 14429
113 The Aaronic Priesthood Ed Decker 10856
114 Mormons Baptize Notorious Killers Helen Radky 5723
115 To Moroni, With Love Ed Decker 6696
116 Who Is That Knocking at My Door? Ed Decker 10298
117 Marketing and the Mormon Church Joshua Decker 4694
118 The Temple of The God Makers Ed Decker 8410
119 The Law of Eternal Progression Ed Decker 6377
120 The Massive Mormon Scripture Mess Ed Decker 8003
121 The Birth of Heresy Ed Decker 1
122 Mormonism, Christian or Cult? Ed Decker 10336
123 Mormonism a Cult? Everyone has an Opinion Ed Decker 5605
124 Is There No Help for The Widow's Son? Ed Decker 10875
125 Out of Mormonism: Ed's Personal Testimony Ed Decker 8808
126 The Annotated Mormon Temple Ritual Ed Decker 12232
128 EXODUS: Getting Out The Right Way Ed Decker 5404
129 Ed Decker Excommunicated? For What? Ed Decker 7433
130 Does the Bible Prophesy The Book of Mormon? Ed Decker 13742
131 Do They Really Believe That? Ed Decker 6022
132 Charges Against The God Makers by the NCCJ Ed Decker 5283
133 The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Christ?? Ed Decker 6963
134 African Americans and the Mormon Church Ed Decker 5
135 A Letter to a Mormon Elder Ed Decker 8230
136 The Aaron DeWitt Papers Blood and Murder Ed Decker 7858
137 Dialogue In Mormonism Ed Decker 4672
138 Mormonism and Blood Atonement Ed Decker 9662
139 Testing the prophecies of Joseph Smith Ed Decker 27346
140 African Americans and the Mormon Church Ed Decker 21824
141 Another Jesus? Ed Decker 9789
142 A Necromantic Incident: Joseph Smith and Ceremonial Magic Ed Decker 12738
143 Adolph Hitler and Mormonism Ed Decker 15205
144 A Few Simple Comparisons Ed Decker 6381
145 The Birth of Heresy Ed Decker 5248
146 A Biologist Looks at the Book or Mormon Dr. Thomas Key 12391

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