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Saints Alive in Jesus
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Welcome to Saints Alive in Jesus!

With Ed Decker


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We are an "Apologetics" group, evangelical in nature and
generate research and study material, comparing groups such as Mormonism and Freemasonry with orthodox Christianity.

While our major ministry areas deal with Mormonism and Freemasonry,  you will find numerous other world religions such as Islam, as well many cult groups

and issues within the Christian Church such is evolution are   covered.




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5 Minutes With A…. Ed’s Witnessing Tips

So often we don’t know what to say when we are confronted by someone that has been well schooled in presenting  their cult or religion. Christians need to know what the Bible says and also what it doesn’t say when they come knocking at our door. 5 Minutes With A…. gives an example of what you can say.

5 Minutes With A Mormon

5 Minutes With A Jehovah Witness

5 Minutes With A Freemason

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Ed discusses world events from a Biblical perspective,
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The Decker Report is the place for all program files,
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One of the current Programs

Witnessing To The Cults

With Ed Decker

They knock at your door and when you answer, there they are..
You want to stand there and give them a solid response to their false doctrines,  but it is so much easier to close the door and maybe even pray for them as they go on their way.

It is even harder when that cult member is a friend  or loved one..
Ed shares some simple ways to bring light to darkness.
Listen in and get some solid tips for reaching the lost.




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Latest Blog Post

I am confused.  Is America standing with Israel or the Terrorists trying to destroy it?

Hamas has been doing its level best to drop rockets into Israeli neighborhoods and kill as many civilians as they can. They openly confirm that this is their main goal as a people of the Quran.

Thousands of these missiles have been launched into Israel and the apathetic American public and its leadership doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, our administration has even funded the terrorist Hamas, calling the millions sent in as humanitarian aid, and unless they are brain dead or terrorists within our ranks, know full well that the millions will be put to use in their war machine.

The sad truth is that the majority of Gaza humanitarian aid comes in by the semi-trailer load from Israel.

Our president has chastised Israel for its ‘attacks ‘ against civilians and gives lip service to what was once the American partnership with Israel.

Our secretary of State has openly condemned Israel’s bombing of UN facilities that stored missiles that were fired from the UN property, as well as schools and homes where children were being used as human shields.  The death of civilians seems to be the most horrible thing I leaders can imagine.

I went back to an old report that puts our administration’s actions and comments in perspective.  Our President made it clear to us when he wrote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Hussein Obama, The Audacity Of Hope, page 261. And he is doing just that today.

But let me go back to our national weeping over the death of civilians.

Old people, women and children are usually put at the top of the list.

Have we all forgotten the First and Second World Wars?  I clearly remember WWII and the images of giant US bombers dropping massive loads of bombs over German cities is still clear in my memory.

American forces blanketed enemy cities with bombs, all but wiping out entire cities without hesitation, knowing that civilians were dying with every bomber rumbling across the skies.  We vaporized so many thousands of Japanese citizens with the Atomic bomb.  Who could ever forget the picture of the little naked Vietnamese girl running and screaming from the napalm attack in which her body was scorched.

Americans look back at those horrible actions and perhaps can rightfully say,  “ We were at war and we had to do this to stop a terrible enemy.”

Friends, Israel is at war. Their enemy is not across some ocean. It is within walking distance and it has determined to kill every Jew in Israel.

Except, this enemy is hideous beyond belief because it uses its own people, especially the old, infirmed and very young as ammunition.

Someone sent me an email this morning that said, “Hamas are not animals!  Name one animal that hides behind their babies to protect themselves.


We seem to have another truce today.   About the fifth one in this series.  Israel steps back again in hopes of peace. Hamas grins and rolls out the missiles, getting ready for another attempt at annihilating the Jews forever.


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